The under-representative nature of politics is an issue that has saturated political discourse for decades. At Race Equality First we are conducting research into the under-representation of  BME women in politics in Wales. Christina from our team is leading the research project for us.

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“ I have been speaking to local councillors, Assembly Members, community leaders and lots of people from different backgrounds. This research is focuses on why there is this under-representation of BME women in politics in Wales. I’ve been asking people if they think that women from a non-white background face barriers to entry into politics that other members of society might not necessarily face in Wales and I have gained a valuable insight. I’ve taken an interest in the concept of intersectionality, the idea that inequalities can accumulate, and how this can come into play here. From conducting this research I’m able to think critically and to formulate suggestions for future action aiming to address this important issue.The real question is however, do the diverse communities in Wales feel like they are represented in Welsh politics and decision making. “