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Sport and Physical Activity

REF works to eliminate inequity in sporting opportunities and participation levels in physical activity for ethnic minority people across Wales, especially women and girls. We run physical activity and sport sessions in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Wrexham in North Wales. Want to join? Click here to see our current activities.

We set up these activities as our beneficiaries suffer from the highest health inequalities due to lack of participation in sport and physical activity. This is often due to cultural, religious and language barriers. This was confirmed by the data collected and analysed in July 2018 that gave the following results from the registration forms of 760 beneficiaries from our MEEA Project:

  • Of beneficiaries had type 2 diabetes 60% 60%
  • Were diagnosed at a stage where they were at greater risk of related complications 60% 60%
  • Were fluent in English 20% 20%
  • Were aware that type 2 diabetes was preventable 15% 15%
Project Aims

Research has found that BME women and girls aged 17 to 44, especially Muslims, suffer from the highest inequity in sport. We address this lack of participation in sport and physical activity by providing activities which eliminate barriers due to culture, religion and social backgrounds and by encouraging them to take regular physical activity or participate in sport.

Key Activities
  1. Swimming club
  2. Walking group
  3. Yoga
  4. Netball
  5. Ramadan Sport Project (once a year)
  6. Girls Football
  7. Butetown Fitness Group

Click here to see our weekly timetable which shows all our current activities in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Wrexham.

More information

For more information contact Roon Adam at :

roon.adam@raceequalityfirst.org.uk or by telephone on 029 2048 6207.