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Discrimination Casework

Our Discrimination Casework Service assists individuals who have suffered discrimination due to any protected characteristics they may possess within the Equality Act 2010: Race, Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage and civil partnership, Pregnancy and maternity, Religion or belief, Sex and Sexual orientation.

How we can help

We will take initial details from you. Our Discrimination Casework Officer will then seek further information about your complaint. We will determine whether you have the possibility of a case to take forward. This may involve a face-to-face meeting at our office where you can talk to us in detail and sign an authorisation from for us to act on your behalf. You will also be advised of our casework policy and procedure formally at this stage. We will keep you updated on all actions taken on your behalf as well as any updates on your case.

Key information

Our Caseworker Can
  • Provide initial advice and assistance with your complaint
  • Support you in making a complaint to an employer or service provider
  • Act as a mediator
  • Make an application to Employment Tribunal
  • Assist and advise on negotiations
  • Assist you with the completion of legal documents
Our Casworker Cannot
  • Befriend
  • Be a counsellor or a lawyer
  • Be a crisis or emergency worker
  • Offer you financial support
  • Assist if you will not disclose all relevant information

Fees & Costs

There are no upfront fees. We only charge you if you are successful and receive a financial settlement or an award and then we will take 35% of the total amount. Our intention is not to make profit, we just need to cover our costs. You won’t have to pay anything until you secure your settlement through mediation with your employers or your award at court or tribunal. Any money that we do make is ploughed back into the organisation to help other people in a similar situation.

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