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How can France Tackle Racism?

Anti-racism politics and statistics: inconsistency in France A big control over ethnic monitoring data After George Floyd’s death, we have seen yet more evidence that racism is still a major problem in many countries of the world. In France, George Floyd’s death has...

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Recruitment Discrimination

Employment is at the center of most adults’ lives: our jobs enable us to be financially independent and to sustain our needs, as well as to feel part of the society by making an effective contribution to it. This is why it can be stressful and difficult for us to...

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Hate Crime

“We cannot let Britain become a place where a Hijab or a Kippah marks someone out as a target.” This quote from Marie Van der Zyl, President of Board of deputies of British Jews, echoes in the current climate of rising discrimination and hate crime in the UK. This is...

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Blog about discrimination

Being French I have always looked up to the United Kingdom as a place of tolerance, respect and progress. In London I noticed so many people from different backgrounds, races and religions. All behaving, dressing and speaking in different ways, languages and accents -...

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