Our Research

Research Interests :

Race Equality First has a determined interest in researching matters relating to hate crime, discrimination and racism as well as what causes and fuels hate in Wales and the rest of the UK.

Race Equality First is extremely passionate about increasing and promoting equality in every aspect of life and our research output contributes towards achieving greater equality for BME individuals alongside other minority groups in Wales and the rest of the UK.

Race Equality First’s research interests thus span a wide range of topics:

  • We plan to carry out a replication of our 2013 All Wales Hate Crime research to assess where we are today in terms of hate crime in Wales.
  • Following our experience supporting victims of hate crime with our hate crime and discrimination casework service, we have witnessed a number of hate crime cases, with strong evidence to support them, go to court to be quashed on grounds such as ‘banter’. Therefore, we are interested in researching into whether there is racial bias in the criminal justice system, and whether hate crime legislation and the Equality Act 2010 are fully being upheld in the criminal justice system?
  • We are also interested in researching into the impact of Brexit on racial equality policy in Wales.
  • Are YOU A VICTIM OF HATE OR discriminatION?