Thank you so much for a really enlightening session and for your total professionalism throughout...

Thank you so much for a really enlightening session and for your total professionalism throughout.  It was super interesting and will help us make sure we are more aware, kind and thoughtful in our operations and the subtleties of the information and learning will stay with me for ever.  


I thought you might like to hear what some of our staff had to say;


Person 1: It was really interesting

Person 2: A really informative session!

Person 3: I found the session greatly insightful and thank you for arranging the session for us all. 

Person 4: Really informative session.

Person 5: I found it very insightful and informative 

Person 6: It was very interesting and the ladies were great 

Informative and thought-provoking...
  • Informative and thought-provoking.
  • Lovely atmosphere and the information were well explained.
'Thank you' to the Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council...

‘Thank you’ to the Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council. The research team had a great discussion with the Council members on patient perspectives on the use of PROMs. But we also want to thank Roon Adam from Race Equality First who gave us essential insights on PROMs in relation to equality and sustainability.’Thank you’ also to Ana Palazon from Parkinson’s UK Cymru who provided us with detailed eedback on the use of PROMs from the perspective of patients living with Parkinson’s Disease.

In the upcoming weeks we look forward to talking with representatves from Digital Communities Wales, St David’s Hospice Care and the British Heart Foundation.

I would like to express my deepest thanks, gratitude and appreciation to you......

….your colleagues and REF for the relentless support and excellent advice that you provided to me during the past FIVE months in my case for Racial discrimination by the staff at ‘Ty Hafan’.

You have put a lot of your time and efforts to attend four meetings with the other side to help deal with my complaint. The other party found it difficult to accept that their staff have treated me in a racially motivated manner and then spread malicious gossips about me. You gave them insight into their organisation and the fact that they did not have any Black/Asian employees. You also got them to reconsider their rules and policy about racist behaviour in the work place.

Though they attempted to deny that racism exists in their organisation and in the store where I worked, they have transferred all the staff concerned to other stores and brought in new management and volunteers to work with me.

This is the THIRD time REF has directly supported me in my complaints for racism. In return, I would like to offer REF 15/20 hours work in a voluntary capacity. I have had a lengthy and varied experiences working with members of the public in my professional capacity as a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, A Community mental health Counsellor and a Teacher, during the past Forty Three years. I have achieved excellent communication, listening and negotiation skills. I believe that I could be helpful to REF as a token of gratitude for your support, advice and empathy.

Without your immense support, your colleagues and REF, I would have been another victim of a dormant volcano of ‘racism’.

My good wishes to you and your colleagues.

I just wanted to personally say thank you for your support during my Employment Tribunal Case.
You offered me support that I would otherwise not have been able to access without significant personal financial resources.

As I was diagnosed with PTSD during the time you were helping me – you offered me crucial support as an intermediary, and even dealt with incidences of intimidation from the other parties legal team that I personally would not have been able to have coped with at the time.

I would like to thank you for signposting me in the direction of the correct benefit support; and also offering to help with completing the relevant applications.

Please also thank the wider team for always providing a warm welcome and acting with absolute and professional discretion.

Thank you so much to you and Race Equality First for representing me, and the time that you have invested in fighting my personal case and ultimately, securing justice for my case. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

I wish you all the best for the future.

I would like to say a huge thanks for the staff who works in Race equality organisation.
Race equality staff assisted my brother who has been subjected for a discriminatory behaviour from his teacher, to prove that he is innocent from the teacher’s accusations. Using logical suggestion and questions that challenge the teacher who has been racist with my brother to prove their proofs against my brother and show their reasons. I would like to say a special thanks. You took a responsibility to represent my family on their behalf, give my parent support to make the right decision, write e-mails and make phone calls with the school, counsel, social services and BBC to represent us and proof that my brother is innocent. You and the staff who works in race equality organisation assisted my parents who cannot speak English with their legal actions and rights against discrimination.
“When I became a victim of homophobic abuse I had no idea who would support me.....
– let alone believe in me. This feeling of isolation was overcome once I was introduced to Race Equality First. I realised I had someone willing to fight my corner and help me overcome a difficult episode in my life. I am incredibly grateful to their officers for their kindness, their dedication to ensuring a positive outcome and basically for being willing to believe me when I felt few would.”
My Name is Sarah and I’m a mother of four......

I would like to thank Race Equality First for helping me every week for the last few weeks. Thank you very much. Sarah Ahmed

Hello, my name is Nadiya, I’m a mother of five and I live in Adamsdown.......
I was working as a carer but unfortunately, I’ve lost my job due to the coronavirus. I want to thank Race Equality First for supporting me and my family during these difficult times, I don’t know how I would’ve managed without their help. Nadiya Ali
Hi, I found out about the great work Race Equality First is doing in the community through my friend....
I’ve contacted them and the next day I’ve received food pack and art and craft things for the children. Since then Race Equality first have continued to support us every week, really grateful!

Zhi Li

Thank you Race Equality First for helping me and my family to claim my children school meals.......
EMA, food parcels and arranged for a free laptop from the school after they’ve refused for weeks, we couldn’t have done it without your help. Asha Arman
Thank you for helping my family with food parcels.......
we really appreciate your help. Jessica 6yrs old
I’m so grateful to Race Equality First for helping me and my family.......
when we’ve lost our jobs and found ourselves homeless, within a day we’ve got a temporary accommodation and food parcels were sent to us twice a week. Thank you, we are forever grateful. Rafiqa Begum
If it wasn’t for Race Equality First my children would’ve missed out on their school work.......
as we struggled to access online schooling due to lack of devices, schools didn’t answer our call or respond to our emails and when Race Equality First got involved the school contacted us few days after and offered us a laptop! Thank you for your help. Saeeda Khamaj
I live by myself and suffer from depression.......
and when Race Equality First contacted me to make sure I’m managing fine, I was really happy that someone remembered me and cared about me. Since then, every week I receive a food parcel and a phone call to reassure me and to ease my anxiety level caused by the lockdown and all the bad news I see on TV. Thank you. Kirti
Race Equality First helped me to get a one-off financial help.......
within days and that helped straight away. Ever since I’ve been receiving food parcels every week. Thank you Race Equality First. Faiza Parvez