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Have you been discriminated against?

Policy Development, Campaigning and Lobbying

Race Equality First aims to eliminate discrimination and hate crime and promote equal opportunities. We work with organisations, agencies and employers from the public, private and third sector to drive forward policies, procedures and practices that are inclusive, compliant and equality focused.

REF also undertakes campaigns on issues that are relevant to challenging discriminatory policies/practices and behaviours by engaging with community groups to identify concerns that require campaign action.

We assist policy development by providing:
  • Advice
  • Information
  • Consultation and Engagement
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Policy Review
  • Equality Impact Assessments
  • Campaigning

What we do

We ensure that our clients’ policies and practices incorporate equality in employment
and service delivery. To this end, we work with organisations, agencies and employers
in the statutory and non-statutory, private and third sectors in the fields of:



Local GoverNment


Social Care


Social and Economic Regeneration



Social Justice



Community Development



Consultations were recently completed by REF for:

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School Workshops and Anti-Racism Calendar competition.

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