Our core training courses can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of audiences including those working in the public, private and third sector as well as service users and community groups. All of our training courses are bespoke and are designed and delivered according to your needs. The training courses listed below are just an example of the type of training we deliver. To book, call us on: 029 2048 6207 or email us at:

Our core training courses:

Our Core training courses
  • Cultural Awareness in Community Engagement.
  • Equality Act 2010: Challenging Discrimination.
  • Racism Awareness.
  • Hate Crime Awareness.
  • Anti-discrimination Workshops for Schools

Course overviews:

Cultural Awareness in Community Engagement

This course aims to provide a wider knowledge and understanding of the difference between certain cultures and faiths. The course explores a number of diverse cultures and their history and gives practical advice on overcoming barriers to communicate and engage with diverse communities.

Equality Act 2010 - Challenging Discrimination

This course will teach you how to take action when employees and students report incidents of hate and discrimination, and how to develop an inclusive work environment for people from different ethnic, religious and minority backgrounds.

This course reviews the background and needs of equality law and provides a comprehensive overview of the law. This course examines the types of discrimination covered by law and discusses case studies that demonstrate how equality laws are applied. 

Racism Awareness Training

This course is aimed to provide the skills and confidence to challenge racism when encountered in work and life. It also raises awareness of the relevant legislation – to address racism both in relation to discrimination and hate crime. This training course thus has a specific focus on race and also covers the appropriate and inappropriate terminology as well as the grey areas within both.

Hate Crime Awareness Training

The UK witnessed a spike in hate crime since the 2016 EU referendum, however, many people still don’t report. This course aims to empower people to know their rights and how to report as well as to promote racial equality as a human right. This course covers the impact of hate on people’s lives and explores the difference between hate crime and the issues arising from the different categories of hate crime. The areas covered include all five hate crime strands: disability, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Anti-Discrimination Workshops for Schools

Race Equality First provides primary and secondary schools in South Wales with free workshop sessions to raise awareness of issues such as racism, anti-bullying, hate crime and the promotion of equality and respect. The purpose of this workshop is to educate and empower young people to know: their rights; what hate crime and discrimination are; the impact of hate on people’s lives and how to report.

The workshop covers: the Equality Act 2010 and the protected characteristics; what is hate crime and discrimination; how to report hate crime and discrimination and who to and extreme examples of hate crime, such as Stephen Lawrence and Johnny Delaney


The cost will differ according to the length and content requirements for your organisation. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to work with you according to your budget: 029 2048 6207 or email us at 

In House and Bespoke Training

Our training courses are bespoke and tailored to the needs of each organisation. We will work with you to discuss your organisation’s background, agree content, number of attendees, purpose and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Additionally, if you require training combining elements of any of our above training courses rather than one particular course, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Schools and Youth Organisations

A limited number of free sessions are available. Fees may apply once the free sessions have been booked, but please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help.

Further Information

Race Equality First welcomes enquiries for training packages tailored to the needs of any organisation or company, regardless of size.

If you are interested in further information about any of Race Equality First’s training courses and workshops please contact us on 029 2048 6207 or email at

Feedback on our Training

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you from SVC and Innovate Trust for such a fantastic training session! The content, structure, presentation, resources, examples and scenarios etc. were really engaging and fascinating. I am confident that everyone will have found the training valuable and will be able to put what we have learnt from the training into practice in many different ways.”

Eleri Cruchley-Jones, SVC (Skills and Volunteering Cymru)

“Thank you for the training, it was full of relevant information, great interaction via zoom. enjoyed it.”

“I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative and I learnt things I was totally unaware of, particularly the law and what we can actually do about it. If not for us then for others.”

“The training was very informative and the hosts worked really well together. Thank you very much!”

“Really useful session. Clare and Roon were both great despite some technical difficulties 🙂 I found it extremely informative and feel like so many should have opportunity to join sessions in the future.”

“Very useful session, would love to play a part in disseminating further. Sadly, unconscious bias runs parallel with selective knowledge. Too many people turn a blind eye or tolerate intolerance, with damaging consequences.”

“Very useful training and a good recap on my current knowledge. It would be great if all organisations i.e. not just non profit or employers in the sector could receive this training. Thank you!”

“Excellent training programme. I felt the trainers were very knowledgeable and approachable.”

“Excellent session & very engaging”

“Brilliant training and well thought out and put together. Really enjoyed the session, thank you.”

“Fabulous training, interactive, fun, interesting, and we had breaks!!! – best Zoom yet!”