How to Donate to Race Equality First

Your donations contribute to our everyday running costs and overheads to provide support and representation for victims of discrimination, hate crime and harassment.

To donate to Race Equality First please go to our:

PayPal Giving Fund

Or to our

Just Giving page.

Alternatively, we can accept financial donations via BACS payments. To donate via BACS please call: 07841 576 544 / 029 2048 6207 or email us at:

Other ways you can Support Race Equality

It is vital that we reflect on the actions we need to take to tackle hate and discrimination, as individuals, organisations, businesses and communities.

Here is what you can do:

Educate yourself

Whether you are an employer, employee or parent, learn about the social and systemic racism that exists in our society and educate others around you. As individuals it is our own duty to educate ourselves, our children and our organisations – do not expect BAME people to educate you or recount their experiences of racism for you. Parents need to talk to their children about racism and why it is wrong. Always remember that your children are influenced by what they hear at home – if you use inappropriate or racist language they will repeat this and grow up with this belief.

Challenge Racism

We have to talk openly about racism and admit that it is rife in our society – if we stay silent we allow it to continue. So always challenge racism – wherever you see it – at work, at home, at school or in your social life, however uncomfortable it makes you feel. And always support others who speak out against racism. Remember that language is a powerful tool – it structures and reinforces beliefs and prejudices, so stop using inappropriate language and terminology and always challenge others if you hear them using this. If you’re a victim of racism, find out about your rights and how we can help you to address this.

Reflect on your own beliefs and behaviour

Our own prejudices and bias’s fuel discrimination, which is an increasing problem with the majority of our discrimination and hate crime cases which come from employees experiencing this is the workplace. So reflect on your own attitudes, beliefs and behaviours – no one is born racist – racism is learnt from the racism and stereotypes that are all around us.