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Our core training courses can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of audiences including those working in the public, private and third sector as well as service users and community groups.

Our core training courses:

Our Core training courses
  • Cultural Awareness in Community Engagement.
  • Equality Act 2010: Challenging Discrimination.
  • Racism Awareness.
  • Hate Crime Awareness.
  • Islamophobia Awareness.
  • Anti-discrimination Workshops for Schools (see Schools section).

Course overviews:

Cultural Awareness in Community Engagement

This course is aimed at providing participants with an opportunity to gain a wider knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity and distinguishing between culture and faith. The course explores diverse cultures and their history. It also aims to raise awareness of the public sector engagement duties under the Equality Act 2010. It offers practical advice and knowledge on methods to overcome barriers to effective community engagement with diverse communities.

Equality Act 2010 - Challenging Discrimination
This course explores the background and need for Equality legislation as well as a comprehensive overview of the Act. The course explores the types of discrimination that are covered by the Act and discusses case studies to demonstrate how the equality legislation may apply.
Racism Awareness Training
This course is aimed to provide the skills and confidence to challenge racism when encountered in work and life. It also raises awareness of the relevant legislation – to address racism both in relation to discrimination and hate crime.
Hate Crime Awareness Training
This course explores the difference between hate crime and the issues arising from the different categories of hate crime. The areas covered include all five hate crime strands: disability, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.
Islamophobia Awareness Training
This course provides participants with knowledge and awareness to recognise and tackle Islamophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination. The course explores the causes and impact of Islamophobia on individual victims and communities.
Anti-Discrimination Workshops for Schools
Race Equality First provides primary and secondary schools in Cardiff with free workshop sessions to raise awareness of issues such as racism, anti-bullying, hate crime and the promotion of equality and respect.

Public, private sector and charities with an income over £500,000 per annum – £80 per person.

Voluntary / community groups with an income under £500,000 per annum – £60 per person.

Race First Equality Members – £45 per person.

In House and Bespoke Training

Half day for up to 15 delegates £500 (refreshments provided)

Full day for up to 15 delegates £800 (lunch provided)

Schools and Youth Organisations
A limited number of free sessions are available. Fees may apply once the free sessions have been booked, but please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help.
Further Information

Race Equality First also welcomes enquires for bespoke training packages tailored to the needs of any organisation or company.

If you are interested in further information about any of Race Equality First’s training courses and workshops please contact us on 029 2048 6207 or email at info@raceequalityfirst.org.uk

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